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Girls showdown in Obergurgl
Girls Shred Session Obergurgl - Recap

Bad weather, so what…? According to this motto, on December 21, more than 20 girls proved that real shred queens don’t mind rough conditions. Thus, new tricks and good vibes prevailed over cold feet and frozen noses at the Girls Shred Session Obergurgl and the girls had a blast shredding the Familypark Obergurgl.

It was a long back and forth. Due to hourly changes in the weather forecast combined with a heavy storm hitting Obergurgl the week before the event, it wasn’t clear until the very last minute whether the first Girls Shred Session of the season could go down or not. But in the end, everyone was highly motivated for the session and a full registration list promised a sick event. And guess what, it turned out exactly like that: At 9:30 am, more than 20 girls showed up at Familypark Obergurgl in order to shred together.

Right after the warm-up, the snowboard coaches Lea Baumschlager and Pilar de la Cruz started showing the girls some new tricks and provided them with valuable tips. Besides, they made sure to keep up the motivation and good vibes throughout the day. Meanwhile, Olympic athlete Lisi Gram roamed the park together with the freeski girls and pushed their skills to another level. Despite some snowfall and cold temperatures, the girls attempted shredding the various boxes and tubes of the Familypark Obergurgl, learned new tricks and shared their experiences. But there was one thing they all agreed on: Shredding the park together with likeminded girls is just awesome!

At noon, it was time for a well-deserved lunch break and the girls made their way to the Hohe Mut Alm, where delicious spinach dumplings were already waiting for all participants. Unfortunately, that  didn’t turn out to be the only surprise: It was right after lunch, when the girls had to realize that at almost 3.000m altitude sudden weather changes can happen very quickly, as a heavy snowstorm pushed in and made the conditions worse again.  Even the lifts had to be closed down for a while. But whoever thinks that the girls got intimidated by that, is wrong. Instead, the shape crew aka „Diamond Girls Crew“ quickly grabbed their shovels and tools and used this unforeseen break for a quick reshape. After that, the girls were able to continue the session in the afternoon and mastered even some banger lipslides on the down tube!

At the end of the day, it was time for some early X-Mas presents. So much commitment, endurance and progression had to be rewarded with goodies from Nikita, Golden Ride, Boardriding, Protect Our Winters and QParks. Eventually, after a rough session in heavy conditions, the bottom line was crystal clear: “Such a great session! I was pumped all day long and the coaches did a wonderful job. I can’t believe that this day is already over”, claimed one of the participants, while the other surrounding girls nodded in agreement.

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girls shred session obergurgl goodies
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girls shred session obergurgl good vibes

All photos of the Girls Shred Session Obergurgl are available on or simply follow this link: -> Girls Shred Session Obergurgl - Gallery

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