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WaveSisters - Girl power on the same wavelength

Girl power meets nature, surfing and Yoga

A combination that WaveSisters really values. The all-female surf camp not only provides a selection of destinations such as Portugal, France or Costa Rica, but also a variety of offers that make every holiday heart melt. Without a doubt, the main things for WaveSisters are to expand the community of strong women, to share the love of exercise and closeness to nature, to push one's limits, to form friendships and to find a sense of belonging. Together you learn not only a good paddling technique and the standing up movement, but also all the important knowledge of the sea and the waves. Since the mental aspect also plays a major role in this sport, the surf lessons are accompanied by yoga classes where inner peace and balance is in the focus.

WaveSisters also places great emphasis on healthy, wholesome and nutritious food that provides energy for all surf sessions and activities. WaveSisters also rely on locally produced, fresh food that brings variety with it every day. Whether at the breakfast buffet with bowls, pancakes, smoothies, etc. or at dinner, which is freshly prepared each day. With the WaveSisters you will neither start the day hungry nor go to bed unsatisfied.

Wait! There's more?

As if all of that wasn't quite enough, skate sessions, horseback riding trips and other cool workshops can also be done to make the experience at WaveSisters Surfcamp unforgettable.

As the name suggests, the WaveSisters team consists exclusively of women who have found each other through a love and passion for surfing and the sea. With different levels of experience in different areas, the WaveSisters want to pass on their knowledge and skills and thus promote an increase in women in surfing and action sports.

You want to be part of the WaveSisters community, fancy a week of surfing, beach and super women or just want to know more about them? Then check out their website and get inspired!

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