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Shredqueens Winter Warm-up: Yoga

While we're super stoked for the start of the Girls Shred Sessions this winter, we also want to show you how to get ready for the season. Yoga instructor Kim from Wild Path Yoga tells you how she gets fit for the winter and how you can work on your progression in the park with the help of yoga.

Hi Kim, how do you get all set for winter and what’s your secret?

It’s all about balance! For me, I try to ensure all my elements are healthy and functioning well and that I’m physically and mentally feeling good. When my body is feeling strong and healthy and my mind rested and focused, I perform my best, yoga is the core of everything I do. 

What are the benefits from yoga?

The yoga poses help me gain strength, balance and flexibility and provide a full-body workout, helping me to land those tricks on my snowboard, iron out any post riding kinks, recover quickly from any stacks and prevent future injury. The yoga itself connects the breath, body and mind and keeps my mind calm and able to concentrate. You probably can relate to that meditational flow state, when you are so in the moment on your skis or board that nothing else matters?! I feel if we achieve this on the mat, we can apply this to anything we do.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite yoga postures that prep my body for shred sessions .


Any other advices?

The last biggie is nutrition! I try to give my body what it needs, by eating wholesome and seasonal foods, I also limit sugary and savory treats, this I find super hard!  

Additional vitamins can help supplement your diet and provide immune support. Allow time for rest and be sure to take in enough water during the cold months, tea is the perfect winter drink.

Release those happy endorphins by practicing sports you enjoy and include some that compliment your riding, making sure to focus attention on cardio fitness and strength building, this will help out if hiking that park feature or hiking for backcountry powder.

Thank you Kim!

Oh, by the way, we're looking forward to meet up with Kim for a Yoga Warm-up at the Girls Shred Session Mayrhofen on February 15th, 2020. 

If you have any questions on these postures, drop Kim a message on her FB page or Insta account:

Or simply head over to Kims website:

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