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Shredqueens — Get fit for the Winter with Babsi!

It's Fitness o'clock. In order to get you all set for the Girls Shred Sessions, we wanna make sure that you’re not only mentally but also physically prepared for winter. And what else would be a better way to get fit than a badass shred workout!

Together with fitness coach Babsi, we want to present some exercises to improve your core stability, your leg power and your mobilization.

With this series of exercises, you’ll become faster and stronger, you’ll get a better control of your board and skis and you’ll achieve a better endurance. It also improves your mobility for challenging tricks and the strength you need for landings after spectacular jumps. Furthermore, these exercises support the muscular balance and your coordinative abilities – everything you need to push your skills at the Girls Shred Sessions!


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Planking (©
  • Pushups position
  • Plant your hands directly under your shoulders
  • Bend your elbows a little bit
  • Ground your toes into the floor
  • Your entire body is in line
  • Pull your shoulders together
  • Tense your stomach muscles
  • Lift one leg
  • Change side


nac fitness 23 03 2014 167
Lunges (©
  • Big lunge
  • Back is straight
  • Rear knee goes down, front knee remains behind your toes /above your heels
  • Tense your stomach muscles
  • Hold the position
  • Keep your pelvis stable
  • Turn your upper body to the left / right

One Leg Circle

nac fitness 23 03 2014 144 fotor
One Leg Circle (©
  • Lay on your back
  • Stretch out one leg straight to the ceiling, the other remains on the floor
  • Tense your stomach muscles
  • Keep your pelvis stable
  • Do little circles with your leg in one direction
  • Change direction

For more exercises and training instructions check out Babsi’s website:

Have fun!

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