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Blue Tomato Girls Day Hochkönig - Coaches Feature

Listen up snowboard girls!

Shred together with Ana Rumiha, Urska Pribosic and Nicola Reinthaler at the Blue Tomato Girls Day Hochkönig!

Now, it’s not long until we hit Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig: It’s time to shred ladies!

The Girls Shred Sessions stand for some decent women’s power. Again, many motivated shred girls are going to meet up in order to work on their freestyle skills. Professional Blue Tomato Team Riders join the session to coach and push the girls. We briefly introduce you to these amazing characters.

Ana Rumiha

The first snowboard coach we invited is the Croatian shred expert Ana Rumiha. She is looking forward to coaching motivated girls by giving helpful tips and tricks. Back in the days, she was mostly hitting the roads on her skateboard. In 2004 she started snowboarding and ever since, she has played a big role in the snowboarding scene. She prefers standing on her beloved Nitro Fate 153 board when following her passion. You are likely to find her shredding at her home turf Sljeme, even though she feels home in many ski areas worldwide. Ana is an allrounder – that’s why jibbing, sending and shredding pow is all equally awesome to her. The most important thing is that she stands on her board.

Pros like Ana also have role models – in her case it’s for example Austrian freestyler Lisa Filzmoser and young Kiwi Zoi Sadowaski-Synnott. What’s even better is that she will be able to inspire girls for park riding herself, this Saturday.

If you want to gain first experience in a snowpark, yet you’re still a bit afraid, the Croatian Shredqueen has a helpful advice for you: “It’s important that you start with something easy, not something frightening. Everyone should start nice and easy!”  So, follow her hint and things will surely fall into place at the Blue Tomato Girls Day. One thing is crystal clear, her biggest wish for the Girls Shred Session Hochkönig should definitely come true: “Happy faces after a fun riding day!”



Urska Pribosic

Second snowboard coach is Urska Pribosic. You’ll probably meet the friendly Slovenian with her Elan snowboard under her feet. The double runner-up junior world champion (Big Air, Slopestyle) calls the Slovenian ski resort Vogel her home base. By now, she has turned into a proper powder queen, but of course she still loves to send some steezy tricks over park jumps. At the Girls Shred Session, she is lucky enough to coach the shred girls together with her idol Ana Rumiha. Through her genuine experience in freestyle snowboarding, Urska will definitely be the perfect help for all the participants at the Blue Tomato Girls Day Hochkönig. The 28-year-old Blue Tomato Team Rider puts fun into the spotlight at a shred session. So, you can definitely look forward to an easy-going coaching with a laid-back Urska Pribosic.


Nicola Reinthaler

Urska and Ana receive help from their Austrian colleague Nicola Reinthaler. The Shredqueen rides her park laps usually close to the Hochkönig area. Ramsau/Dachstein is her safe haven where she loves to snowboard on her Gnu Gateway. If you need help, Nicola is just the right person to talk to. The freestyle lady has snowboarded for almost 25 years now and knows a thing or two about it. She loves to play in the powder and is a rad park rider. Creative development is the most important thing to her while freestyling. The former professional swimmer wants to show the participants how creativity and the world of freestyle match. Nicola (Insta: ricola_powderlesch) is expecting a day full of fun, passion and progress. This is definitely the motto for the Girls Shred Session Hochkönig. Her best advice is always: “You have to overcome your fear in order to have this special feeling which gives you the courage for completion.”


Be part at this special event with top-notch coaches and register for free. Just send a mail to and you’re already in. A day full of fun, action and progression on the mountain is waiting for you!

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