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Sunny Shredding at the ROXY Girls Shred Session Ehrwald

On March 17, 2024, 50 Shredqueens ruled the Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm! Freeski and snowboard girls from near and far spent a day full of progression and good vibes in the park together, making this session something truly special. The sun was shining all day, making it a delightful spring session in Ehrwald. Although the girls had slushy conditions in the park, they gladly embraced it for the sunny vibes. Together with the female-only coaches, everyone worked on their skills and often exceeded their own expectations. The atmosphere was top-notch, and the park day was unforgettable, with good vibes only as far as the eye could see!

Starting off: After all the participants gradually arrived in the morning and registered, the day began with a group yoga session to warm up. Ready for the day, the participants were then divided into groups and greeted by their coaches. In Ehrwald, we had Franzi Herberg, Mel Cheng, Lara Wolf, and Lisi Gram – a powerhouse of freestyle, awesome as always!

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Progression everywhere! It's never too early to start, as our youngest participant this year demonstrated. At just eight years old, one of the girls got on her board and impressively made her rounds through the park. The 50 girls were highly motivated and cheered each other on. Under such conditions, it's no wonder that we witnessed great progression. One of the freeski participants initially showed some hesitation before the coaching sessions and wasn't quite ready to slide over a tube. Just two coaching sessions later, all the girls enthusiastically watched her smoothly ride over a rail! It's moments like these that show the girls why they participate in the ROXY Girls Shred Session, as Freeskier Judith told us: "It's just so much more fun with all the girls together than alone! The motivation is much higher for everyone, and I've already spoken to so many lovely girls. I haven't been riding in the park for long myself and I'm glad to be able to learn more in the girls' group."

Happy Times! After the first session, the girls could recharge together with toast and snacks for free. Snacking and relaxing in the sunshine, before heading into the second coaching round in the afternoon. All Shredqueens further refined their skills, and if someone did fall, it was only half as bad due to the slushy conditions. To conclude the session in Ehrwald, there was something special, as in addition to goodies from ROXY and Golden Ride, all participants had the chance to win three exclusive pieces from ROXY in a raffle. The lucky three were able to enjoy a limited ROXY Girls Shred Session long sleeve, ROXY goggles, and a ski jacket from ROXY.

A successful progression session like this can only be carried out successfully with motivated participants and dedicated partners on board. Without the Ehrwalder Almbahn, the Shape Crew of the Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm, as well as our partners ROXY, Golden Ride, and Boardriding, such a day would be hard to imagine. The ROXY Girls Shred Session Tour 2024 had an incomparable second stop in Ehrwald, with many happy faces and freestyle vibes in the radiant sunshine!

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