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Interview with ROXY athletes
ROXY Girls Shred Session Mayrhofen 2024

On February 17th, the first ROXY Girls Shred Session of the season took place in the wonderful PenkenPark in Mayrhofen. To kick off this year's girls-only coaching series, three special guests were present, spending a fantastic day on the mountain with the participants and making it unforgettable. None other than the three ROXY athletes Kelly Sildaru, Lara Wolf, and Isabelle Lötscher were part of the action. The three girls accompanied our Shredqueens in the coaching sessions, providing them with tips and tricks. Of course, we didn't miss the chance to exchange a few words with the athletes. You can read about how they experienced the ROXY GIRLS Shred Session in Mayrhofen here!

First, we talked to Isabelle. She is 19 years old, a snowboarder, and hails from Switzerland.

Isabelle, how is it going for you today and how do you like the event?
It’s been amazing so far! We have a lot of girls over here and everyone is super motivated to go shredding. It’s been a really good event so far!

That sounds great, and it must be a cool vibe, right?
Yes, 100%! The girls really push each other, and each one of them learns a lot and dares to try new things. Also, everyone gets excited when someone learns a new trick, and it's so much fun to watch! The girls are all here for one reason, and each one of them is so supportive; it's really cool!

And how do you like the PenkenPark? Did you go for some laps aside from the coaching sessions today?
Yes, I actually did! It's my first time back on a slopestyle course in a while, but the PenkenPark is really fun and in good condition despite the not-so-great weather. It's still a lot of fun to ride, and the park is really cool!

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Next, we spoke with Lara. She is also from Austria and is a freeskier.

Lara, how has your day been so far, what do you think of the park, and how's the vibe with the girls?
It's really cool that there's an event like this for the girls! It's just super chill for the ladies to come here and ride with coaches and pros for free. It's an incredible experience for the girls, and I believe it's a great way to get into the park and just try going over a rail. When you're alone, you often hesitate to do that and can be a bit shy. That's why it's really cool that the girls now have this opportunity and can do it together. You're not alone, and there are several others starting out as well.

mayrhofen 17 02 2024 action fs henrieke ibing qparks 017

Last but not least, we also chatted with Kelly. She is also a freeskier, 22 years old and had the longest journey from Estonia



The day is over and we had an amazing kickoff with the ROXY Girls Shred Sessions! Kelly, how did you like it today at the PenkenPark?
It was super nice to shred with all the girls! The weater was not the best, but the vibes were still nice!

Yes, that’s true, but I think all the girls made the best out of it today!
How did you like the park itself, have you ever been here before?

Yes, I think I was here when I was like 9 years old – so that’s more than 10 years ago now! But it’s a very nice park, I did some rail laps before and it was very cool!

Then, hopefully, we'll welcome you back to PenkenPark soon!




The overall mood is clear: The ROXY girls enjoyed it just as much as we did! Feel free to check out the videos on Instagram; you can find them in our Story Highlights from Mayrhofen!

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