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Girls Shred Session 2019 – Season Recap

Slowly but steadily we’re realizing – it’s spring time! But before we’re replacing our beloved twintips and park board with our skates and surfboards, we wanna shred down memory lane with you and look back on this season’s QParks Girls Shred Sessions!

That’s the result of the Girls Shred Sessions 2018/19:

  • 5 sessions in 2 countries
  • 192 participants
  • 14 different coaches
  • 1.712 park runs
  • 2.118 ski- and boardslides
  • 1.374 jumps over the kicker
  • 518 attempts on the rails
  • 19 new tricks accomplished
  • And at least 1 million moments of pure joy!

Ok, let’s be honest… The numbers may not be entirely right, but there’s one thing we all know for sure: The Girls Shred Sessions 2018/19 were a blast!

Progression with NIKITA at the Diamond of the Alps

The first step is always the hardest… Not only the first attempts in the park afford some patience, but also this season’s Girls Shred Sessions kick-off didn’t exactly turn out as planned in the first place. Not once but twice, we had to postpone the Girls Who Ride Session by NIKITA Clothing in Obergurgl due to the bad weather conditions! But all good things come in threes, and so, the shredqueens conquered the Snowpark Obergurgl on 26th of January 2019. The Girls Shred Sessions were finally on and the girls literally lived up to the motto “Girls Own The Park” – what else was to expect in a park that is shaped by girls only?!

Girls own the Superpark

The second Girls Shred Session led the shredqueens right to the other side of the Austrian alps – namely to Schladming! Over 30 participants turned the Superpark Planai upside down at the Blue Tomato Girls Day. Thanks to the wonderful coaches, the girls stomped their first boardslides and even hit some rails! Therefore, it was all about good vibes, happy faces and lots of progression at the second stop of the Girls Shred Sessions 2019.

The biggest Girls Shred Session of all times

One week later, the shrequeens were back in Tyrol. And not anywhere, no, they turned up at the Penken Park Mayrhofen. And of course, the biggest park in the QParks universe turned out to be the host of the biggest Girls Shred Session of all times with more than 70 shredqueens! Among them was Kim from Wild Path Yoga, who invited all participants to an amazing warm-up Yoga session (yeah – Yoga on the mountain is the shit!). Loaded with energy, the girls focused on the kickers and jibbed the hell out of the park! Sunshine and spring session feeling did the rest for a perfect day!

Sunny rides, progression and dolce vita

The fourth stop of the QParks Girls Shred Sessions was all about girl power and dolce vita in Bella Italia, when the girls took over the Snowpark Alta Badia! And guess what, not only the mighty dolomites were super impressive – no, the shredquees made some impressive progression, too! Boardslides, presses and wallride-action were on the menu as well as first attempts on the kickers. And who were the luckiest girls, this weekend? Well, probably the two winners of the #ridethedolomites raffle who had won a shred weekend at Alta Badia, where they were celebrating properly by killing it on the rails!

Grande Finale of the Girls Shred Sessions

Finally, there was only one thing left: pay a visit to the King himself, to be officially appointed shredqueen! And so, 60 girls made their way to the Blue Tomato Kings Park to show everything they got at the Blue Tomato Girls Day Hochkönig! Supported by the coaches and Blue Tomato Team riders, the participants started a last attack on the boxes, rails and kickers. And by the end of the day, they were rewarded with one or another new trick in their pocket. The culmination of the day was the Goodies 4 Tricks Session – the girls could prove their skills one last time, before it was time to say goodbye.

Mission „Boardslide“ accomplished

Among those girls was Miri, who had a special mission: to tick off all five stops of the Girls Shred Sessions! And how does her winter-resume look like? “Amazing!!“ says the shredqueen from Graz with a huge smile on her face. “First, all I wanted was to accomplish a frontside boardslide on a box, but in the end, I was facing my first boardslides on the rails! But honestly, my personal highlight was a frontside 180 out on a tube!” Well, if that’s no proof of progression, what is?

alta badia 02 03 2019 action sb miri patrick steiner qparks 020
mayrhofen 16 02 2019 action sb unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 33
planai 02 02 2019 action sb miriam pichler roland haschka qparks 013
obergurgl 25 01 2019 action sb miri patrick steiner qparks 001005

And now? As far as Miri is concerned, the season is far from being over – after all, the parks are still open until the middle of April and that means plenty of opportunities to show the new skills. And what’s the next trick on Miri’s list? “Boardslide pretzel out would be sick!” Well, that sounds like an ambitious project! We’re looking forward to seeing those pictures soon on our Facebook page or on Instagram!

Last but not least there’s one more thing to do: we wanna say thank you to NIKITA, Blue Tomato, Golden Ride and Protect Our Winters for their support! And of course, kudos to all of you for joining us on the mountain! We’re hoping to see all of you again next season at the Girls Shred Sessions 2019/20!

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