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Oops, we did it again!
Stoke Level 10 at the Girls Shred Session in Mayrhofen!

On February 11, 2023 the girls once again ruled the legendary PenkenPark in Mayrhofen. At this year's Girls Shred Session the good vibes had top priority ! Almost 80 girls followed the call to the female only progression session on this day. From beginner level to advanced Shredqueens everything was there.

Let's get it started! The day started early in the morning with registration. It continued with a short yoga session to channel the inner warrior and get the body moving a bit. After that the first session started. The 80 ladies were divided into 4 groups. Freestyle Queens Lisa Zimmermann, Tini Gruber, Maria Steiner and Franziska Herberg were the coaches.


Tell me why! What are the expectations of participants who take part in the Girls Shred Session in the PenkenPark? With 80 girls, the range is wide. "I didn't necessarily have a goal for the day, but I'm glad I was out in the park with a bigger group of girls for the day. It gives me the confidence to actually go skiing and try new things" tells freeskier Judy. Freeskier Ella is happy about her progress: "I promised myself to do a 360 over the kicker this year and I did it thanks to the support of the coaches and the girls. That pushes so much!" Snowboarder Sarah has never been to the park before: "I found out at short notice that there was such a thing and thought it was a great opportunity to finally venture into the park."

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

Days like this. After the first session it was then off to the Grillhof Alm for a little refreshment powered by Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. In the afternoon, the stoke was even higher and the girls showed on more difficult obstacles, what they can or have learned. Unfortunately, the day ended as quickly as it had come. The only thing that made it easier to say goodbye were the goodies from Burton, Golden Ride, boardriding and the hope to see each other again at the next Girls Shred Session in Mayrhofen.


This is how we do it. A day like this would not be possible without the great support of Mayrhofner Bergbahnen and our partners Burton, Golden Ride and Boardriding. The girls were also especially happy about the chance to participate in the #onedecadeofgirlpower giveaway, where they could win great prizes from WaveSisters, Gopro, Mons Royale and Goldenride.

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